About Us

Hi! I'm Brianne, the founder of Daydream! I’m originally from a small town in the centre of Canada. After living in Australia, travelling South America and Europe, and living in the UK, I moved to Tamraght, Morocco in 2019 in search of a slower, simpler life by the sea. 

Although I studied Psychology in university, I've always been passionate about design. I’m obsessed with all things interiors and fell in love with the textiles and pottery here in Morocco. It quickly became my dream to open my own shop to showcase the local talent and all the beautiful handmade treasures in this country.

In the midst of covid, I had a lot of time to travel around the country. I slowly started to collect vintage rugs from resellers, makers and simply by knocking on people's doors in the most remote villages asking if they had any rugs they were willing to sell. I curated my first collection of rugs and cushion covers and launched the online shop in 2021.

In 2023 I opened the doors to my brick + mortar shop here in the touristy surf town of Tamraght. Daydream Home Goods is half gift shop, half coffee shop. A space that offers a curated collection of goods, from pottery to textiles to woven baskets to cosmetic products, all handmade in Morocco. Plus you can grab a good cup of coffee locally roasted in small batches in Marrakech and sip it on our cozy terrace and watch the world go by.

Thanks for stopping by,

- Brianne xx